Education Socialization for the Homeschooled Student

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Education Socialization The right of parents to control the education of their own children is protected by the constitution under freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to privacy (Is the right, n.d., para 9). It is estimated there are 1.5 million homeschooled students in the US, and in Indiana alone there are 31,000 homeschooled students with an annual rate of increase of 7% (Home school statistics, 2013). Of many individuals surveyed, half believe they can give a better education at home and nearly half do so with the desire to prove provide religious or moral instruction (Home school statistics, 2013). There are several homeschooling organizations in Indiana that provide activities and opportunities for support and socialization among the children (Homeschool help sheet, 2013). A common belief about homeschoolers is that they are not adequately socialized nor provided adequate opportunities to socialize. On the contrary, there are many homeschool organizations and social activities designed for these families. One such organization is HUSTL, which stands for “Homeschool Unified Sports Teams of Lafayette”. It is an organization known in the greater Lafayette area of Indiana. It provides athletic and participation opportunities to homeschooled communities. A variety of sports are offered, such as: basketball, volleyball, soccer and cheerleading. Along with athletics, there are groups that are designed to help families meet for discussions and to plan
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