Education State Funding Vs. Public Education

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This research would be based on the fact that education state funding receive less than incarceration state funding. Within the past 15 years, Federal state spending has increase but decrease state funding towards education and protection system. Although education state funding has a higher income than the protection system, it is not distribute fairly, due to the population in each system. Keep in mind, over the past 15 years money has changed, causing to affect and benefit different areas. What is the purpose of a higher education? Isn’t a higher education the most valuable resource a human being could have, then why are students worth less? We know this is not right, how can we go about this situation? In the website…show more content…
Education receiving an estimate of “$149 billion” and protection an estimate of “$35.5 billion”. Increasing the Federal budget did not help much support the education and protection systems, it received a little more than 2000 but the federal seemed to focus less on the education and protection system. However education still received more federal fund then the protection federal fund. As you can see, the fact that education receive less than prisons is false. Education receive more than prisons. Why is that they say education receive less than prison. Well, the reason why education receives way more than prison is because of the population they have. The population is one of the main reason the education receives more federal funding in total. In 2000, education had an estimate of “556.9 million” students. As of 2015, there are an estimate of “922.6 million” students in the education system. Compare to the prison system whom seems to receive less funding due to its low population. “146.8 million” Inmates were recorded to be incarcerated in 2000 and as of 2015 there was “272.3 million” inmate incarcerated. Throughout my research I notice that the only reason my statement can go wrong is by the population on each area. The population is what affects the total federal funding in each area. Each individual is worth a price. The more individuals you have the more money you will receives. That the
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