Education Support For Disabled Students

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As a future educator, it is essential to note the critical issue that has been floundering about throughout the school system, the insufficient educational support for disabled students. This critical issue is not only present in the United Stated, but it has also moved beyond our boundaries. Whether a school system simply does not provide the necessary services a student requires, there is a lack of movement toward a least restrictive environment, or a school simple does not feel the need to implement necessary changes that would create a more inviting placed for education, the school system (in my opinion) is providing insufficient educational support for the disabled students. Through the development of educational improvements such as …show more content…

If a teacher of a special education classroom is working with 15 different students who have different learning styles and needs, that makes the teacher’s position very difficult, especially if they did not receive the needed training in order to do so (Petersen, 2016). It is essential to serve every single one of our students (whether they have a disability or not), however if a educational system is not properly training their teachers, who are then not providing the needed adjustments for the lesson, then the entire school system is providing insufficient educational support for their disabled students, and for every student for that matter. The fact that insufficient training is occurring is only the surface of the issue, school system are also lacking in the movement towards a least restrictive environment. Through the implementation of IDEA, schools need to work with their student in order for them to be placed in an environment that is best for them as well as close to a general classroom as possible. Unfortunately, Kurth, Morningstar, and Kozleski (2014) has reveled that school systems are not tracking data efficiently, to the point that it is making it very difficult to determine exactly where a student needs to be placed. Additionally, there seems to be a misunderstanding on how exactly schools need to collect data on their special education students, which then provides the given state incorrect data to work with in order to make

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