Education System Between The Us And My Country Nepal Essay

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Durga Gurung English101 October 31, 2016 Comparison essay Education System between the US and my country Nepal The education system is an organized, purposeful structure consists of laws, policies, and regulations to regulate the education in schools and colleges in a systematic way. The education system plays a vital role in the development of the student life career and which simultaneously affects the development of the country. Every country has their own education system depending on the government. In the same way, there are lots of contrast in the education system between the US and Nepal, but the main distinctions are flexibility, technology, teaching style of the professors and education policies of the country. Firstly, flexibility in the education means that students can choose what subjects they want to study, how many credits to attend during the semester and make their own schedule for the classes. America has a very flexible education system with an affordable fee in the world, so most of the student from all over the world come to get a quality of education in the US. But, there is no such type of flexible in the education system of Nepal. Only a few major courses are available; people cannot get a chance to learn their fascinating course. Anyhow they must select the program, in which they don’t have any interest. As in our career, the time management and punctuality is the most crucial for all. All the employers require hardworking employees for their
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