Education : The Foundation Of Education

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Jeremiah Maina, Mrs. Adkins Pd.3 9/17/14 Education essay
The foundation of education starts when a person is a child and as they grow older. Education defines what they become in the late future from being a deadbeat bum to a multimillion enterprise own. Education is the way of receiving information and translating it back to real world problems that you are faced with every day. From around the world education is an essential benefit in life in general. From being a shop keeper in Taiwan or a market vender in Shanghai. In many countries education is not as we 'll given such as third world countries that don 't have the resources to give. Money is another resource that has to be
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Another two more years or what so ever depending on their major to receive your bachelor’s degree. While there has made great strides during America’s 200 plus years, there needs to be changes in the cost of tuition of going to a college, courses that students are demanded to take that have to concern with their majors or interest 's and all county schools should be equally funded no matter the test scores to give every child an equal start in the race to success.
Education in the United States today is very different from what it was like back in the 1940- 60 's. Many elements have changed due to eradication of the law separate but equal clause, no child left behind and segregation of jobs. Back in the forties through the sixties women were segregated in the work place by both genders having the same job title. However, the men getting a better pay roll. They were also segregated in the war were women weren 't allowed to join the army. Men back then didn’t want to compete with the women in the work place and most definitely in political offices. The only jobs the women were skilled at and got hired for we 're secretary jobs, nanny and stay at home mother or wife. The men wanted to be the bread winners for their families. Higher education for people back then was hard to get because the only people that attended college were wealthy white males and the minorities being women. For colored
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