Education : The Importance Of Education In High School

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There are many opportunities through one’s life where it is possible to gain education. Some may find these opportunities through books, movies, friends, or even just from daily activity. Although I have learned a great deal of information from these themes, I have noticed that I have surprisingly gained a lot of education from my band class provided at my high school. Not only have I learned the importance of music, but I have gained many educational values. Throughout my life, one place I have surprisingly gained education from, including time management, knowledge expansion, and hard work ethic, is my band class. One skill that is important to gain for one’s future is time management. Unfortunately, this was not a skill that I developed until I was in high school. In middle school, I was horrible at turning in assignments on time, and when I did get them turned in, they were not completed to the best of my ability. In those years, I was a big time procrastinator. My parents were very worried for my future education and pleaded for me to try harder in school. Finally in high school, I learned the importance of time management. Surprisingly, I learned this mainly through band class, although my other classes did lend a hand in helping me. Band class taught me the importance of time management by teaching me an appropriate way to balance school work, band practices, and free time. When I first began band in high school, I was overwhelmed with all the work that was put on
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