Education : The Importance Of The Education System Of Education

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Education is the best way to helps us achieve a social standing as a real citizen and is entitled benefits of equal rights in our life. Therefore, equality of education, learning conditions in environmental institutions and the destruction of the class barrier are important tools in the process to help students who have no chance to study in the educational systems or students who studying in inequality environment. Moving towards an America that not only almost of citizens participate in the political and contribute to making society better, but also has an equal system of education for everyone. Through video about savage inequalities, I realized that at this time, there have big of different in the conditions of school between many poor children and many children rich. Although nowadays, we are provided the equal opportunity for everyone, at this time, the poor children live in an education is more inferior than the children who grow up in rich families. I think that the huge differences in the public school system are based on racism and social class. All my sense is assaulted when I see what the poor children are treated in bad conditions such as their school have dreadful amounts of sewage in their backyards, the facilities aren't well-equipped or worn-out and bad health care. Well, it looks abandoned in many years. In contradistinction to poor children, the children who grow up in families with the better economic situation have access to the most advanced equipment,
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