Education: The Key in Developing Negotiation Skills

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Education Is Key in Developing Negotiation Skills Humans are born with differing abilities and though others may argue that traits are major determiners of skills, the only trait that is common among human kind and key to development of important skills such as negotiation, is the ability to learn. Anyone can improve their skills and ability through practice and dedication. The aim of the proposed research is to explain whether negotiators are born or made and how negotiation activities continue across generations. The intergenerational transfer of this skill is hereby translated into a process and will be critically examined in this paper. Bearing this in mind, the paper seeks to arrive at six goals: 1. This paper seeks to confirm the fact that negotiators are made through experience and trainings. 2. It explains the area of influence of those tactics, which do not need one to change the economic or structural aspects of the bargaining situation to decide the targets of negotiators. 3. The paper also reviews earlier research on behavioral decision identifying issues that may be useful to negotiators. 4. It plays an advisory role to readers highlighting tactics often used in negotiation. 5. It identifies negotiation skills that are useful in solving unconditional conflicts that may arise in their area of responsibility. Synopsis Negotiators use powerful and skillful methods in determining disagreements. The most important work of a negotiator is to aid warring
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