Education : The Most Powerful Weapon For Changing The World

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INTRODUCTION In the following essay, I will begin by explaining my beliefs on what the purpose of education is, what schools are for, what curriculum should contain, what the relationship between students and teachers should be, and what my plan to honor the differences between my students is. By the end of this essay, I will examine my views and decide which well-known educational philosophy my beliefs align with. Once combined, this will form my philosophy of teaching and education. It is important to note that my plan is to teach students aged from preschool to fifth grade. The views I hold are specific to these grade levels, but I believe they can apply to older students as well. What is the purpose of education? I once read an article…show more content…
This also prevents one teacher having to teach students of multiple ages/grades - like it used to be in the past with the one room schoolhouse. What should curriculum contain? I believe that curriculum should be challenging, fun and interesting, while still accommodating the needs of the state and of the school. I feel as though I was able to grow intellectually at a rapid pace because I was definitely challenged by all of my teachers, which is why it is so important to me that students are challenged. I feel that in the modern world, students are smarter than they have ever been in the past and teachers do not always do enough to emphasize that. Curriculum should promote things like cultural diversity, critical thinking, asking questions about the world, philosophy, things the students are interested in and, of course, the traditional core subjects. However, I think we need to stray away from rote memorization in order to help students actually understand what they are learning instead of just teaching the simple skill of regurgitation of information. Finally it think it is vital that we focus on differentiating instruction so that all students have the ability to learn equally - to the best of their ability. What should the relationship be between students and teachers? I believe that both the student and the teacher have a
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