Education Through The Attainment Of Literacy

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institution through the attainment of literacy. The attempt to educate African-American during the time of slavery gained support from various religious groups; however, Caucasian viewed literacy for African-American as a method for instilling subservience and maintaining social, political and economic control. In contrast, African-American viewed literacy as a component of emancipation and participation in societal institutions on an equal basis. Many African-American activists have thought for blacks by creating different institution such as churches and schools for young blacks to get an education. This period might thought as one in which the seeds of literacy were introduced but without hardship and opposition. Higher education was viewed as a privilege for blacks and it was subjected to a debate. As for instance, the convention of free African –American was created to establish a college at New Allen that would offer a classical curriculum for blacks. According to the author, the proposal to establish that kind of college met with considerable opposition who did not believe African-American capable of higher education. As a result of this, the opposition succeeded in preventing the establishment of the college, although they did not object the establishment of institution to train African-American as laborers. Based on this historical events and data gathered, it will allow me to analyze the issue of literacy in depth and understand the phenomena which could let me to…
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