Education Through a Biblical Worldview

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Biblical Worldview Essay Christina Roberts L27520522 September 30th, 2015 INFT 101 Thesis In the book of Romans chapters 1-8, Paul vocalizes truths that are the foundation of a biblical worldview. Paul addresses certain components relating to the natural world, the human identity, human relationships, and culture. In this essay, I plan to compare and contrast Romans chapters 1-8 as it applied in Paul’s tie and mine. I believe Paul’s teachings encourages us to seek the truth of scripture as it influences the way we live and view the world today. Biblical Worldview Essay The Natural World One views the natural world in a way that is very negative. Paul’s depiction in Romans 1; 18-32 leads one to believe that this is…show more content…
The Jews viewed the Gentiles as inferior and hopeless in any redeeming qualities. The Jews, seeing themselves as privileged in God’s sight, were unwilling to hear that Paul was preaching to the Jews and Gentiles alike (Romans 1:16-17). Today, racial profiling and bigotry exist to an even greater degree. Each culture, has the belief that their version of the law is correct, so everyone else should align with them. People are separated by cultural differences and are willing to fight for their beliefs. God sent Paul to tell the Gentiles that the good news applied to them also in Romans 1:3-7. Just as the issues in Paul’s day influenced the people then, today’s society is influenced by television, Hollywood, and social media. Man has idols whose culture may or may not be based in the one true God. Godly culture is pushed farther and farther away in lieu of a “me “centered culture. Reality is that sin is sin (Romans 2:12-14). Conclusion In the beginning of this essay, my intent was to compare and contrast the biblical worldview in Romans chapters 1-8. It appears that there are more comparisons then contrasts. In society today, as well as in Paul’s writings, man is in desperate need of God. Unless a relationship is developed with God, we as his creation, will not have a successful outcome. Paul describes the biblical worldview of each area from his perspective, not realizing that things would remain unchanged. I believe as
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