Education Vs. Board Of Education

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There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability may consist of (Quote 1). School can be a challenging time for anyone at any age level. Having a disability, of any kind can make these challenges even more difficult to strive in the education system. Looking back on history, students recently just got legal rights to attend public schools in the mid 1970’s (Bowman & Jaeger 6). Now, people could only imagine how complicated it might have been to educate there children, while also having limited resources that could help the betterment of their disability. Even in the 1800’s, people with disabilities were thought to be “meager, tragic, pitiful individuals unfit and unable to contribute to society, except to serve as ridiculed objects of entertainment” to their peers around them (Vaughn 1). It was not until the case of Mills vs. Board of Education and Mattew vs. Cherry that establish legislation being put forward for student’s integration into public schools. By the 1970’s the Americans with Disability Act became a law to give equal right to individuals with disability to be employed, educated, and treated with dignity to society (Bowman & Jaeger 9). Special education is provided for students with disabilities in order to help them succeed. Everyone needs a little help in some areas and for some children with disabilities, school happens to be a big area. With there being so many different types of disabilities,…

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