Education Vs Segregation

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Sixty years have passed since Brown v. Board of Education, the definitive supreme court case that outlawed segregation, and schools all around the U.S.A. look as if nothing has changed since then. The biggest difference is now it is not only African Americans who experience segregation, there also exists a problem with the segregation of social class. Many school districts have unequal distribution of educational resources and funding, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy for students who are less fiscally privileged. School districts with more money get better test results, higher rates of graduation, and create a functional and safe learning environment. After Brown v. Board of Education court mandated desegregation laws were put into…show more content…
Many well known politicians are cited in the USA Today article, both these citations and the statistics build a sense of credibility for readers of the magazine. Readers are more compelled to believe the author if hard facts are presented to them in the form of numbers as well as hearing information on the subject from sources they already trust, such as well known politicians. The research article, “Brown Fades: The End of Court-Ordered School Desegregation and the Resegregation of American Public Schools”, develops a similar sense of credibility, but does so through different means. Instead of citing well known credible sources, the research is conducted and the reader is convinced of resegregation by the results. The researchers provide their own credibility by proving facts themselves. Both approaches to convincing an audience have their benefits and disadvantages. For example, the research article is much longer because the researchers are producing credibility, whereas the USA Today article simply cites sources that the audience already believes are…show more content…
It presents the history of the topic, provides readers with the problem being researched, and then explains the data they found will prove that resegregation is happening and the detrimental effects it has on America. It is meant to be read by an audience who care a greater deal about the issue and might already be somewhat informed about the specific problems surrounding the issue. The USA Today article states simple information, giving readers the tip of the iceberg. The USA Today article provides an important entry point into learning about this issue, if readers want to learn more they can find something more similar to the research
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