Education : What Is Multicultural Education?

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What is multicultural education?
My understanding of multicultural education has changed as a result of the readings, writings, and discussions. At the very beginning of the semester, I initially said that multicultural education was “including aspects from different cultures into curriculum.” I thought multicultural education was just about cultures from around the world, but now I know that is clearly not the whole picture. Today, my understanding of multicultural education is about providing education to a much more diverse group of people (ie. ability, race, sexual orientation, gender, socioeconomic status, language and ELL’s, etc) and teaching about the diversity to students.
The aims of multicultural education is to make sure any student, no matter their demographic, receives and is provided the essential resources to get an education. Along with Banks, he discusses that multicultural education “is to reform the school and other educational institutions so that students from diverse racial, ethnic, and social-class groups will experience educational equality” (p. 3). In today’s schools, the students attending are changing, in regards to demographics, so schools need to adjust to be able to teach to all students.
Multicultural education is probably not the best name for the kind of education that I envision, however, I think there could be better. A better name for this kind of education would include the words pluralistic or diversity. Diversity makes people think
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