Education and America

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Are Teachers Responsible? In his article “Kenneth Cole Gets Schooled” David Sirota writes, “Taking an honest look at America’s education system brings up queries about why other less economically stratified nations have unionized teachers and far better academic results than here in America (761)” Students in other countries such as Korea, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada have far better academic results than those in America, yet the teachers are not the one who need to be accepting all the blame for the failing academic standards. I am an elementary education major and have grown up as a teacher’s kid and have always found this statement and fact somewhat interesting. Now attending college I understand this statement, and…show more content…
In some countries throughout the world kids are put on tracks dependent upon their careers; some get to go further in the education system than others. Often times these career tracks are ones chosen for them based upon the family they were born into and their parents wealth and educational knowledge. Some countries even do inventory tests in order to place students on a track and decide if they get to continue in education or if they are required to go straight into the work force. One point Carlos Xabel Lastra-Anadón and Paul E. Peterson bring up in their article is that while we need to learn from countries such as Korea, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada we must not copy exactly what they are doing but more so do what is best for our educational system (1.) I agree with the point they have made, I do not believe we should implement all of the educational ideas these countries have. I believe this because like America’s educational system their systems have flaws as well. But instead we should learn from their mistakes and apply and implement them into our own system as needed. In doing this step I believe we can make our educational system more successful and proficient in comparison with these countries. Furthermore, I think in America the freedom and availability we have here in America has allowed us as students to become

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