Education and Awareness Will Promote Environmental Justice Essay example

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Education and Awareness Will Promote Environmental Justice

The goals of this environmental justice conference are stated simply: firstly, to explore whether racial minorities and the poor are being environmentally victimized, and secondly, to evaluate public policies that promote environmental fairness. Each speaker provided insight and information from their respective area of expertise. Led by keynote speaker Dr. Bunyan Bryant, they drew upon the realms of academic investigation, government and public policy, sociology, healthcare, and philosophy to unite the environmental movement with the quest for social justice. After absorbing so much information concerning the current state of environmental justice, one leaves the conference
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Additionally, many conferences over the years have contributed to the organization and dissemination of information vital to the growth of the environmental justice movement. As the movement continues to grow and hopefully breach international boundaries, Dr. Bryant emphasizes the importance of promoting an understanding of the central issues of race, income, intent, pollution control versus prevention, positivism and participatory research, and top-down versus bottom-up perspectives of investigation. Overall, Dr. Bryant's talk reveals the uniting theme of the conference - the need for public awareness and understanding of environmental issues and concerns.

Dr. Manuel Lizarralde spoke of green imperialism and the relationship of indigenous people with the conservation of natural environments. He emphasizes the importance of encouraging knowledge and understanding of the environmental effects of the consumerism lifestyle, as well as recognizing the expertise of indigenous people concerning their environment. Dr. Lizarralde dispenses with the notion of the "noble savage," instead explaining that indigenous people often do not have the technology to cause extensive environmental damage. This should serve as a warning to those of us inhabiting the western developed nations. Choices we make every day can degrade our own environment, as well as that of indigenous people in the
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