Essay Education and Democracy: How We Need Both

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Education is an important part in sustaining a Democracy. Without an educated citizenry we would fall apart as a free nation. All aspects of our political and economic system rely on a literate and able group to carry out the necessary processes and duties of our country. In sustaining itself our nation has imparted itself on creating and sustaining systems that maintain Democracy. One of the biggest systems that must be devised is one that transfers knowledge across generations, therefore it comes to no surprise that we have an established public school system whose intent is to educate every child without extra price, even going so far as to cover transportation and food for those who're unable to cover it. Yet the state has set the…show more content…
People who made these important connections shaped the very Democracy that we as a nation our trying to preserve. We still live in a society that rewards intellect and creativity, and yet our education system churns out robotically minded machines, capable of only understanding true or false scenarios. We claim to be a Democratic country, yet so few Americans truly understand the basic difference between a Democrat and a Republican. Without an enlightened mindset we will fall just as the Romans did when they went from a free nation to an empire, to only to end up in ruins. Instead of teaching children to memorize from flash cards and bubbling scantrons we should ignite a sense of curiosity through exploration of what the world has for us. The most basic experiments of how a butterfly is formed from a caterpillar will spark a thirst to understand the patterns found in nature. The simplest form of economic trade by having students interact with make-up currency will enable them to understand the true value in a healthy economy, and an essay that they can explore their deepest thoughts will embark them on a quest to discovering information for them. Too much are we concerned with shoving data into children's minds. When the only thing data is good for, is storing. It is information that will inform! A student will only do as well as they are motivated to. If a teacher is dragging on an apathetic attitude than that will reflect in the student's score and their
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