Education and Economic growth

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Relation between education and economic growth in KPK Concept Note: My research is about the educational issues in Kp, I want to identify that education have positive or negative impact on growth in GDP. All around the world in now a day’s education is considered as the most important and working tool in controlling the problems like poverty, economic issues etc. Education is playing a vital role in developing human capital by increasing skills and producing/innovating new technology. Education help’s the new generation to tackle the problems like income distribution, gender inequality, inflation, unemployment etc. 1. Introduction Around the globe in now a day’s world education is considered as one of the most dominant tool in the…show more content…
The main objective of this paper is to identify that weather there is a direct relationship between the amount of education attained by the labor and economic growth i.e. the amount invested in the education of a labor will bring a significant change in the growth of GDP or its is not relation to the amount of education. And secondly its is to measure that there would be or identify if the education is causing a significant change in the GDP what are its causes or if it is not effecting the GDP or not giving a rise to the GDP what are its causes as well. Now in world education is the major key to improve living standards and to reduce social and income inequalities. Different Government regimes in Pakistan have taken into account some numerous steps that were to improve the quality of education. According to Statistics relating education of 2008-9 shows literacy rate was set to be higher in urban areas that were 74% then the rural areas 48%. Literacy rate is higher in men more than women, as for men 69% as contrasted to women 45%. Provincially distributed literacy rate indicates, Literacy rate in province Punjab is 59 %, province Sindh, 59%, province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 50%
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