Education and Income as Primary Factors of Disparitites Essay

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There are different meanings for race, ethnicity and minorities. Race is the physical appearance of a person, Ethnicity describes a shared culture and national origin, and Minority is defined by their lack of power. The United States population is made of various races and ethnicities along with the minorities of this country. White, African-American, Asian, Native American and Hispanic, are the main racial ethnicities within the United States. Generally, there have always been conflicts between ethnic groups throughout history, but believe it or not most ethnic groups along within one another. The white race has always claimed superiority in the United States. It is so sad that decades after the Civil Rights Movement, racial disparities and other race related issues is still a huge societal problem.” (Press, 2006) Recently Peter Wehner (2014) wrote an article that criticized a senator and his aide for writing races rants. He understands that public displays of racism are inevitable however, pinned up anger toward minorities, and African Americans is more common than we think, it just does not manifest until they’re in the shadows. (Wehner,
This research paper will contain information, facts, opinion and data pertaining to disparities in the United States and the unspoken truth behind the issue. This paper will attempt to answer or make sense of the questions of how and why does these disparities exist and what needs to be done to close the gap that is so…