Education and Pen Green Essay

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Part A My essay will examine five ways of identifying a setting as inclusive. I work as a nanny in a sole charge role, in a family home. I work with a family of 3 children, one of the little girls has additional needs and she attends a special needs school. I will reflect on my life experiences and the course material within this essay and how this has influenced my understanding of inclusion. Inclusion is about feeling like you belong, being valued and feeling happy within the setting and the local community, regardless of social backgrounds, age and ability. The five criteria I have chosen are The name of the setting, social inclusion, the curriculum, setting funding, and the view of inclusion presented. I have chosen these criteria as…show more content…
Part B Name of setting Pen green has its own name which is unique to the setting, where as Aspen 2 a special needs school has given the name as an addition to the main stream school. Aspen 2 used to be referred to as the mobile which wasnt seen as inclusive. Aspen 2 is now in the main stream school and has it owns unique unit. Deri View is a newly built primary school with a childrens centre attached the local community had a say in the design and structure of the building. The school and childrens centre is in a poorly deprived part of Wales. Social inclusion Pen Green is a centre for under 5s and their families in Corby in Northamptonshire. Pen green shows social inclusion through its video clips. Pen Green has an open community, providing team building and meet and greet sessions. Pen Green focuses on the whole family, it allows children to progress from a very young age offering groups such as baby massage. The centre offers a wide range of groups and drop in classes, there are options to go to something everyday. Pen Green cares about all the children at the centre and gives them all equal chances at learning and play. Sheena Griffiths-baker a teacher at Pen green explains that we will being these observations to plan for him as an individual (E214,DVD2) which tells me that the setting is inclusive. Pen green offers classes for parents to learn GCSEs or computer courses, which has helped the parents to gain confidence and independence. At
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