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While teachers and educators impact the surfeit of knowledge we end up with in the future, they are very important individuals in the world and they have a significant job in which they spend more than enough time assisting other individuals with a topic or a common objective. There are various requirements and setbacks a person has to overcome in order to be qualified for the career. Teaching is often looked at as a job but it is also a way of life. Individuals go through years of schools and institutions to acquire the knowledge and skills they need. Many people assume that there is only one branch of teaching; however, there are countless educators and professions in the world we live in today.
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The first teachers training college was established in Lexington, Massachusetts in 1839 under Cyrus and influenced by Horace Mann. By 1910, 180 teacher colleges were started in the United States. Teacher training schools didn’t last long but it impacted the concept of a teacher. In the later 1800s, women were tied to teaching. They loved the sense of purpose they were given. They went to teaching institutes and loved the independence they had. By the 20th century, majority of America’s teachers were women, but as the time flew by, there pay was getting worse and the job security was no better. Schools back in this time could be compared to factories. In 1879, the AFT teacher union was formed and consisted of better wages. By 1916, teaching unions came together and bargained with various school boards. Unions helped and still do take part in improved schools and exceptional professionalism. From 1990s to now, assessing students became a constant issue involving the best way to teach students. Student assessing wasn’t the only issue though. Concern and quality of the teachers has been getting attention since the 1990s. Compared to earlier times, teachers are required to give proof of lesson plans and videos of their teachings. It’s evident that teaching requirements and everything else having to do with teaching itself did. In the 1970s, professions such as bilingual teachers, computer teachers, childbirth educators, etc. were rare, but today they are greatly relied
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