Education and Technology Integration: An Annotated Bibliography

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Education and Technology Integration: An Annotated Bibliography
Education is among the sectors that have benefited the most from the advent of modern technology, and especially information and communication technology (ICT). Traditional education systems faced many challenges and huge limitations at delivery, in practice, and in application. Tools of education such as chalk, blackboard, books, classrooms, laboratory items, and so on, were mostly manual and cumbersome. Even the structure of the traditional literature content, and pedagogy was a challenge to both the teacher and the learner.
The advent of modern technology and its integration with the education systems has opened up many possibilities, and forced educational practitioners to rethink and restructure the content, pedagogical tools, and methods of delivery. As a result, the educational system has evolved continually, and at the same time opening up new and countless opportunities. This has definitely captured the imagination of many students, researchers, and professionals. The integration of technology with education has brought about phenomenal opportunities as well as radical changes to the educational sector. Examples include the use of digital pedagogy, computer-aided instruction (CAI), distance or open learning, virtual universities, computer-based online testing, digital libraries, and so on.
The benefits of integrating technology with education are phenomenal. The uptake of technology by many

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