Education can Benefit a Society and a Nation

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One of the great scholar named Bacon, Said that "Knowledge is power". Here question arises, from where the knowledge comes from? How can we get it? The answer respond with fabrication in "education". In the course of education, it will enclose the power to build up a nation. Nevertheless, some inhabitants argue that there are far more important things which verify a nation's development(Rugh, Andrea, 2012). This paper strength of character to talk about the advantages of education in the development of a country. Because of education nations & societies able to get the best benefits a lot. Education can benefit a nation and the society a lot. After getting education, we would be able to apply our full potential and make further contributions to our societies. Therefore, society be capable to attain a higher rank of culture and turn out to be more flourishing as the largest part of the citizens are well brought-up and well-educated. If each and every citizen can get a sound education, I believe the country will turn out to be more viable and win more respect from other countries around the globe. Education can customs good citizens. A nation with good inhabitants will contribute to developing the country. In comparison with less educated people, those who are well educated have greater chances to get better job & with respect. Some people argue that one nation’s progress does not depend only on education. Not to point out, a country's development has rather to do
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