Education for Nursing

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Nursing Education Question 1: What are your views on the proposed legislation for the Bachelor of Science in Ten Bill passage? This legislation upholds that registered nurses with Associate Degree in nursing and Diploma in nursing to upgrade their education to Bachelor of Science in nursing degrees. In addition, the bill is only applicable to future nurses while practicing nurses holding ADN or Diplomas are exempted. However, for those enrolling in nursing programs after the bill is passed will have 10 years after licensure to complete a BSN program. This legislation is vital since a higher proportion of BSN nurses have better patient-handling skills and as such, patient deaths will reduce. In addition, a great percentage of BSN-prepared nurses have been linked to better hospital organization since BSN nurses have stronger communication, leadership, and critical-thinking skills. In line with this, this legislation has all the reasons to be fully supported by the federal government as well as the country's leading nursing associations. To ensure smooth transition for RN to BSN programs, colleges are required to expand their capacities in their RN to BSN programs and new RN to BSN programs will need to be established in order to accommodate the demand. Moreover, hospital administrators are required to fully cooperate with their employees to ensure compliance with the BSN-in-10 bill. In this regard, they are supposed to provide their employees with the flexibility they
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