Education for Sustainable Development Essay

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Sustainability development has three components: environment, society, and economy. If you consider the three to be overlapping circles of the same size, the area of overlap in the center is human well-being. As the environment, society, and economy become more aligned, the area of overlap increases, and so does human well-being. Therefore, education for sustainable development (ESD) is the use of education as a tool to achieve sustainability. Simply put, ESD is a way to make the world a safer, healthier, and more livable place for us and future generations (McKeown, 2002, pgs 7-9).
Children in grades 3 through 5 are moving from "learning to read" to "reading to learn" and from "learning to write" to "writing to
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Since students in grades 3 through 5 typically learn better by incorporating all three learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) into their daily classroom work, instructors for these grades may find it easier to create and design lesson plans. Including sustainable development on a basic level into the curriculum at this age is generally not difficult because science and reading classes have usually touched on the subject of recycling or the environment. A simple, low-cost activity would be for students to make reminder plates for light switches and thermostats in their homes or schools (see Appendices A and B). This lesson allows students to be creative in designing the reminder plates and it allows them to teach their families and friends about conserving energy. Another easy, low-cost activity that can actually be done in all grades is creating bird feeders from milk cartons (see Appendix C). This lesson teaches students how to take already developed materials and reuse them to create something new. Students can also learn about how solar energy supplies more than just sunlight and heat to our planet by making solar sweet tea right in the classroom (see Appendix D). This lesson calls on students’ observation abilities and allows them to express their findings in their own words. The class may
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