Education in America

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1. Normally students look forward to go back to school after the summer holidays.
There’s missing ing-form in go. It should be going back to school.
2. According to Michelle Obama is education important when you want to plan your own career.
Is and education are misplaced and should be swapped.
3. President Obama, which wife has now joined his efforts to improve education, wants the US to have the highest percentage of college graduates by 2020.
Which is referred to an object, and therefore which has to be replaced with whose. These are the so called relative pronouns.
4. How much you earn throughout life depends large on your success in school and your education.
Large has to be replaced with much. Large is an adjective.
5. A
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In addition to that I’d like to receive some information about the tuition fee and generally about the campus and furthermore how the accommodation will be handled. I look forward to hearing from you!
Yours sincerely

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Education in America
“Once upon a time, American students tested better than any other students in the world” as it says in Newsweek March 6, 2010. What’s the current scenario? The educational system in America is outdated. The elementary and high schools have suffered from a serious decline in the graduation level. This is something the government at most certain point cannot overlook. Not to mention the children’s future are at risk but America’s future is at stake.
How important is the American education? First of all the future of America basically lies in the American educations hands. In the 1970’s only one quarter of jobs required more than a high school education. Yet, two out of three jobs require at least a post-scenario education. This means that without a great education system the unemployment rate will drop, which we already are seeing in age group of 18-31 year old. There are numerous factors that will have to be taken care of, to ensuring a safe and sound future in America.
“I’m here today because I want you to know that my story can be your story” says Michelle Obama at

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