Essay on Education in Thomas Friedman's The World is Flat

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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela). Although college may not be for everyone more people should look into getting a college degree. It is true that vocational and technical schools are good, although it limits people from exploring other areas of study that can lead to other career interests or opportunities. People should pursue going to college because most employers look to hire people with a two year degree or four year degree. According to CBS news “Now more than half of employers require some college, such as a two-year associate's degree, and 44 percent demand a 4-year degree.” A college degree is more general and leaves you open to more options on a career. Thomas …show more content…
Friedman believes in equal education for all and I agree with him. Although vocational and technical school may be a faster route to graduating and being skilled at something I believe college has more to offer. For example, if you choose to go to vocational school you have a limited amount of programs to choose from such as medical assistant, paralegal, welding, automotive etc. Though that might be the right path for someone what happens later on if you realize you don't love what you do? On the other hand, if you get a college degree you have more of a chance to try different things. I have talked with people who have graduated from college. At times I am surprised because their degree really has nothing to do with their job. For instance, Andres the senior admissions counselor at Central Washington University graduated with a bachelor's degree in Biology. Yet, biology has nothing to do with being an admissions counselor. Andres told me not all employers look to see that you have the correct degree for the position. In this case he had the good communication skills, because he had prior experience helping students when he was part of the student government. Therefore, he got the position as an admissions counselor. Would he have gone to a vocational school instead and became certified in welding he probably wouldn’t have had a chance of becoming an
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