Education in Vietnam vs America Essay

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Phung Nguyen English 112 D18 Professor William December 10, 2014 Education System in Vietnam versus in America “The United States system of education that has been created for students in Kindergarten through High School is the best educational system in the world. No exceptions. No disclaimers. No doubt. It is simply the best” (Pat Quinn). This means that in many other countries, especially developing countries, the education systems are still old, and Vietnam is one of those countries. Although Vietnam’s education system has improved, the limitations in cost, teaching methods and style of learning, and college admission examinations make Vietnam’s education system still backward. First, cost is the biggest difference between…show more content…
On Al Jazeera, there is an article, “Vietnam: Where free education isn’t so free”. Lien Hoang, the writer of this article, says: Public schools can’t charge tuition until the secondary level, so they require students to pay fees for sanitation, traffic guards, pens, notebooks, and even to have the building repainted…Primary education is compulsory and tuition-free. But other costs, such as for textbooks and uniforms, keep poor children out. That is the reason why although primary education in Vietnam is free many kids still cannot go to school. In secondary school, high school and higher education, students have to pay higher tuition if they want to go to school. Although the cost is not very high, with poor families, the fees for their children are big matters. The government does not have financial aids or subsidies to help them. It is hard to find a scholarship in Vietnam. As a result, many children drop out of school even if they study well in class. Second, the old way of teaching and learning makes Vietnam’s education unable to go further. In the United States, teachers encourage students ask questions and discuss in class to make sure students understand lectures. Some students may have intelligent questions, so teachers can learn from students also. Moreover, students can come into a teacher’s office in office hours to ask for help. Teaching methods in the United States give students incentive to think
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