Education is the key to a successful career there are many differences and opportunities between

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Education is the key to a successful career; there are many differences and opportunities between an Associate degree in Nursing and a Baccalaureate degree in Nursing. The difference between an Associate degree in nursing and Baccalaureate degree is that, an Associate degree is two-three years, while a Baccalaureate degree is four years. According to Methodist College of nursing “The numbers of Nurses graduates from Associate-degree programs are 59%, followed by Baccalaureate programs 37% and then diploma programs 4%”, this indicates that there is a rapid growth in nursing education Over the past several years, policymakers, researchers and practice leaders have identified that education does makes a difference on how a Nurse practice.…show more content…
This exam does not test for differences between graduates of different entry-level programs. The NCLEX-RN© is only one indicator of competency, and it does not measure performance over time or test for all of the knowledge and skills developed through a BSN program. Provides direct care with different Nursing diagnosis using nursing process, collaborate with team and other interdisciplinary members, use complex communication skills with clients, collaborate with nursing educators to incorporate nursing research, finding and develop health protocol. Maintain accountability for own practice and delegate other nursing personnel.BSN use the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communication, teaching and leading skills in practice. In its October 2010 report on The Future of Nursing, the institute of Medicine statesman increase in the percentage of nurses with a BSN is imperative as the scope of what the public needs from nurses from nurses grows, expectations surrounding quality heighten, and the settings where nurses are needed proliferate and become more complex.” I will like to use a patient care situation to describe the competence between an AND and a BSN.The case of a patient admitted with an amputated foot, an ADN would implement the wound care instruction of a physician, but a BSN will use her research and critical thinking background to further investigate on how the patient came
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