Education vs Prison Funding

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Final research paper on “Education vs. Prison Funding”
The government is responsible for security of its citizens and it is also responsible to provide a safe socio-economic environment to its people, and in this context; Jails and schools are two important institutions of any society, which need regular monetary support from the government. Thus government has to be very careful in allocating funds to both of the institutions; as one punishes the convicts and other makes the people skillful, and wise enough to get a job and earn money for family. Government has to be very careful in allocation of funds to them, as it is very critical to decide which institution should be allocated more money. The report, “Prison Spending Affecting Higher
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It also mentions that in past 30 years the population of the country increased by only 33 percent, however the number of prisoners increased by around 350 percent. With this data we can assume the amount of funding required for the functioning of jails. Prisoners are seen as potential threat for the society; government spends billions annually to keep criminals in jails, to supervise those on parole and probation. Though the prisoners are also human beings and deserve basic comforts of life in jail too; but, it is also necessary for the government to instill fear of prison in minds of all the people and it is not possible when prisoners enjoy the comfort in prisons. Jails should be dreadful for criminals and this fear should work as a deterrent to commit crime, but studies have revealed that fear of prison is not a successful deterrent for major part of prison population. Sometimes they don’t have an option but to commit crime, as many of them are not educated enough to get a decent job and earn money; so they resort to crime to earn a living. A report titled. “Education and Correctional Populations” suggests that it can only be stopped, if prisoners are provided education to make them skillful, and instead of spending money on gyms and other recreational things for prisoners, jails should spend money on making a good library and providing technical education to prisoners, so they

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