Educational Achievement Gap Between Esl Students And Native English Speakers Essay

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The proposed research is designed to analyze one of the major issues in contemporary education which is the educational achievement gap between ESL (English as a Second Language) students and native English speakers. The research is designed to study the lack of effort from school officials to integrate cultural needs of minorities in their education which enables them to succeed as much as others. The focus of this study is to compare the academic opportunities between ESL students and native English speaker students and said opportunities affect their academic success. Participants will be 100 siena students 50 ESL and 50 native English speakers. Participants will take a survey in which they will provide information about their educational experience in middle school and high school and how said experiences affected their educational achievements in a negative and/or positive way.

2. Literature Review The educational system in the United States fails to acknowledge the importance of integrating different cultural components such as first language in the education of minorities. Social institutions like schools tend to neutralize their structures to fit the needs of the dominant groups. For the purpose of this study, the dominant group in the context of linguistic is predicted to have more resources available to succeed academically than the subordinate groups. The achievement gap in our education system has been studied by many in the
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