Essay about Educational Achievement and Development

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Educational achievement is one of the most important factors of a students’ academic journey. Education as a form of secondary socialisation teaches students, the basic norms and values of society and assists in developing their individual identity. In many cases there are contributing issues that not only hinder, but can dramatically affect a child’s educational achievement and development; but also impacts negatively on their childhood experience. These contributing factors consist of a person’s class, their gender and/or their race and ethnicity; which no child has the ability to change at such a young and impressionable age. The issue of race, ethnicity and gender are essentially a part of a person’s genetic design, which is…show more content…
Burr (1995) maintains that the perspective of social constructivism is closely related with many contemporary theories and theorists, for example Vygotsky, Bruner and Bandura. In contrast essentialism is the ideology that people have an underlying and unchanging persona, both biologically and physiologically (Haralambos and Holborn. 2004). For example, Haralambos and Holborn (2004) imply that all women are the same in nature, as are all men; therefore persons of the same gender are biologically and socially connected regardless of any differences in their social circumstances. The issues surrounding race and ethnicity, in society today, are just as complex as they were over a hundred years ago. A person’s race can be defined by the colour of their skin, whereas a person’s ethnicity is defined by the social group in which they live, these affiliations can include religious beliefs, culture and their heritage. Walton and Caliendo (2011) confirm that the concept of race has to be considered in both cultural and political terms. Society has created a divide between individuals within the human race, to determine political and social power. The concept of race and the awareness that it could be used to distinguish groups from each other has lead to the creation of racism in society (Walton and Caliendo. 2011). Thus identity constructions have been labelled and/or stereotyped which is now a “norm” of society and educational institutions.
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