Educational And Student Services Support Settings

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Students over the past decade have been attached to technology, such as phones, and computers, more than ever before. However, most schools are not taking advantage of the technological support that could be implemented to the students’ academic lives. The schools that have found programs to assist the students, are not that effective, because even though the students have access to the internet, and computers, the students are not aware of the endless online tools that could help them. Therefore, the education system needs to attach technology to schooling, and support for the technology being added.

Modern technological advances have plummeted into the traditional educational system of the United States. The encouragement of these
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According to Hineman et al, they investigated on how “without high self-efficacy beliefs, teachers are not likely to adequately implement the strategies needed to effectively meet the challenges present in today 's classrooms” (Hineman et al., p68). Some teachers out there aren’t capturing these devices’ potential, whether it’s the school 's lack of care or their own personal beliefs rejecting the usage of the devices.

Any companies that are providing said devices, also need to assist with the program,. Schools should engage the students more often to understand if any implemented technological devices that were installed are working for their students, but they also need to know when the technology is doing more harm than good. Giving students a computer or tablet could be a risky idea if the school does not put any restrictions on them. According to Melissa, “The use of instant messaging applications, such as Skype and AIM... is on the rise...surveyed college students...spend more than 2 hours a week instant messaging,” this survey could make us understand how technology could be a distraction towards their homework or schoolwork (Venable, p87). The schools can’t monitor their students when they go home, but the school can prevent any distractions from the provided computers, by limiting their access on the internet, and making it strictly
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