Educational And Vocational Programs Positive Effects

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Educational and Vocational Programs’ Positive Effects. Maxi Mathurin Florida International University ABSTRACT As crime rates increase in the United States, so does the number of ex-offenders who are released back into our community. Government officials have tried to find solutions to deal with the problem of ex-offenders recidivating, so that our communities could be safe. Some of these solutions include Educational and Vocational programs inside prisons. But these programs have caused fueling debates within the criminal justice field in whether these programs are effective or not. Whether one agrees or not that these programs actually work, there is a general agreement that we to find some alternatives to this issue. INTRODUCTION For the past decades, crime has been one of the most problematic issues in our society. In 1997, there were approximately 1.5 million individuals housed in adult correctional facilities throughout the United States (Center on Crime, Communities, & Culture, 1997). The same year, there were approximately another 3 million who were on parole or probation (Jancic, 1998). Since the 80’s, there has been a general consensus in favor of the get-tough on crime approach and since then, we have witnessed a decrease in the budget to support education of prison inmates as a result of that (Ryan, 1995). The problem with that concord is that the crime rates haven’t changed much. Since the 80’s, the prison population has continued to
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