Educational Attainment And Mental Ability

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Educational Attainment and Mental Ability in Relation to the Environment
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Educational Attainment and Mental Ability in Relation to the Environment
One of the most urgent problems of modern pedagogy is to prepare a person for life in the global information society of the future, which involves the training of its new types of literacy (readers, information, computer and media literacy), raising the intellectual level, the improvement of psychosocial health, the development of the ability to navigate in the global flow of information as well as the training of informed decision-making. With the development of society and scientific and technological progress of mankind has created all the new tools and methods for collecting, storing, transmitting information. But the most important processes in information - processing and purposeful transformation of information - always carried out exclusively by man. Most importantly, the intelligent action depends only on the person, and the technique only helps to obtain the necessary additional information. Studies have addressed the study of the influence of socio-cultural factors, show their decisive importance in the formation of intelligence. IQ is not predetermined from birth varies considerably depending on the social and cultural conditions. To identify the variables which, when taken together, serve as relatively stable situational factors in the foreign
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