Educational Autobiography Prelude : A Interview With Two Age Group Of People

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Educational Autobiography Prelude I completed an educational interview with two age group of people. The first age group was 71 years of age and the second age group was 55 years of age. During my interview, I asked each individual several questions concerning their educational experience.
 First age group (71 years of age): During my interview, I asked Mrs. P what was the curriculum like during her school years (I didn’t give her a specific time period. I asked her to tell me any information that she could remember.)? Mrs. P stated, “the curriculum consisted of four basic subject which included: English, Math, Science, and History. They were offered extra curriculum activities such as: football, basketball, track and field, baseball/softball, band, choral, music, and home economics.” Only one test was required upon graduating high school, no credit hours were offered during this time. Mrs. P described the facilities as very old and ruined down. The buildings were very dusty including the desks in which they provided for the students. Sometimes when it rained, the floors would be wet from the leaks in the buildings. The academic school year started in September (the Tuesday after Labor Day) through May (school ended the third week in May). Mrs. P graduated high school and she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree at Jackson State University. During grade school years there were about 32 students in a class and 210 students in Mrs. P graduating class. She described school as
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