Educational Beliefs and Mission Statement of an Education Administration Leader

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Although there are many outstanding, albeit necessary qualities of a good leader, it is the leader’s beliefs in which greatness is given its first breath, fostered by action, and spread throughout the institution. A great leader believes in encouraging, not destroying; in setting the precedence instead of yielding to prominence ; in collaboration, not division; in giving, not taking; and in having high standards and volunteering to be the first of many to be held to them. A great leader does not take advantage of the people being lead, but instead, creates an advantage for the people by giving them the opportunities to lead. Only when people take ownership of an institution will passion be cultivated, action be taken, …show more content…
I believe such strategies, when they become successful, can fuel an individual and a collective desire to overcome all obstacles through caring, sharing, and creating. It is important for people not only to have a sense of ownership within the institution, but also to have a sense of appreciation for and from those around them. I believe in encouraging the hearts of those who put their heart and mind into their work. Accolades can come in all sizes and forms; however, in order for them to be effective, it is imperative for them to be specific. After a successful game, theater production, or academic competition, telling the coach or sponsor “Good Job!” as you walk past them in the hallway may leave a positive impression. Yet, coupling the accolade with a few highlights that you particularly liked or engaging in a conversation about the event will build a relationship between you and the coach or sponsor that is based on understanding and appreciation. Such a relationship can be extremely beneficial and can help build sense of trust, consideration, and admiration throughout the institution. Through a leader’s actions, people not only can feel appreciated and needed, but they also can be inspired to continually reach for the high standards set by their leader. Nevertheless, I do not believe that simply having moral and ethical goals for your
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