Educational Biography

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Educational Autobiography I grew up in a multi-racial household where neither of my parents graduated high school. School was never discussed nor was I encouraged to attend. It was the norm to begin working as soon as you turned sixteen. Success was based on being able to maintain a job in order to contribute financially to the family. I had to seek guidance from teachers, coaches and friends since there was no academic support at home. I realized early on that school was going to be my way out. An education was going to allow me to become financially independent and allow me to experience the world that I did not know much about. There have been some people throughout my education that have guided me in becoming who I am…show more content…
H in their lives just like I did. In middle school I became involved in sports especially basketball. The basketball coach, Mr. M, approached me one day and asked me if I would be willing to try out for the basketball team. At the time I was not thinking about trying out because I had never been part of a team. I loved playing street ball but never thought I was good enough to make the school team. When Mr. M asked me to try out I immediately thought it was weird because I didn’t know if I could trust him. There were very few people I trusted at that time and I was afraid that he would just be another person in my life that let me down. I knew it was no secret that I could be a behavior problem at times. So it was surprising to me that Mr. M was asking me to become part of his team. I made the team but I was still getting in trouble. Trouble seemed to always find me. Mr. M was a very strict coach, but he did not single me out. He would have private conversations with me about his expectations for me as a player. Mr. M basically told me I better get myself together or I would not be a part of the team anymore. I did not want that to happen because I finally found something that I was very passionate about and I did not want to lose it. I began attending school on a regular basis, and staying out of trouble. With the help from Mr. M, I completed all of my homework and my grades were the highest they had ever been. He would
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