Educational Case Study Essay

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Key Factors Madisonville has one of the top high schools in the state but this case takes place at one of the feeder junior high schools, Deerfield Junior High. One of Deerfield’s beloved math teachers, Ms. Wright has taken a one year leave and her position is being filled by Clay Rutledge. For Clay, this will be his first teaching assignment and although he was expecting to teach high school, he is not worried about teaching junior high school students. As Clay starts the school year, he is excited about the opportunity and is impressed with the faculty at Deerfield and even makes a resolution to be an asset to the Deerfield faculty. Unfortunately, only a few weeks after the start of the school year, Clay becomes aware that…show more content…
In addition to the low grades, some of the parents told Ms. Cole that they were concerned because their children had anxiety and expressed hopelessness when it comes to math. Clay notes that he does not want to give the students false hope and that some will just “never be good in math.” Ms. Cole ends the meeting by asking Clay to help relieve some of the anxiety his students are feeling but again does not offer any advice of guidance. Clay leaves the meeting without setting any next steps or action items with Ms. Cole but does say to himself that he needs to put together a plan. Analysis Although Clay states that he was excited about this opportunity, deep down he was disappointed that he wasn’t offered a positon at the more prestigious Madisonville Senior High like his friend Lyle. He looked at this assignment as a one-and-done and next year he would be teaching at Madisonville High. This over-confidence led to a several key misses. First, even though he noted that the student’s behavior and attention could be vastly different each day, he did not see the need to differentiate his teaching strategies or his class room management style and just chalked the students who were struggling off as some students are “just bad in math.” Whether this lack of engagement was due to laziness or lack of self-awareness is not clear, but the assumption could be made that
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