Educational Concerns Built On Generalizations

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Educational Concerns Built on Generalizations
Several scholars have pointed to an education system that is failing students. Content between the teacher and student is lost. Students are taught to pass exams. They feel entitled to get good grades. Students are living in a consumer culture that has been created for them by the same people who criticize their attitudes. Scholars do make some good points. Clearly any student can remember cramming for exams. Many hear the complaints of a generation nation. We are a consumer culture.
The articles “The Banking Concept of Education”, by Paulo Freire and "On the Uses of a Liberal Education: As Lite Entertainment for Bored College Students", by Mark Edmundson, are generalizations. Their articles may make one consider the education system is close to broken. There are facts that may prove otherwise.

Freire’s ideas point to education system that is failing because teachers are led to believe that high attrition leads to good teaching. Instead of carrying intellectual conversations, teachers are finding it easier to just force memorization, a concept known as “banking” (1). Teachers create an oppressed world for their students in order to support their methods.

The argument: According the article titled “Academic Entitlement in the Context of Learning Styles”, “some tasks may require routine memorization which can be used at later points to develop meaning and understanding” (9). Memorization, also known as surface

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