Educational Development Based On Their Teacher 's Expectations And Standards

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Many students struggle in their educational development based on their teacher’s expectations and standards. In result, students drop out of high school or finish high school without a thought of pursuing college. Most of high school students will only do what they are asked to do to pass the class. If teachers have low standards, students will not do much in class or listen to you. When students are taught that if he or she does the minimum and still passes the class, it gives students a bad habit that will not prepare them for higher education like college. I can relate to issue based upon my experience in high school. My senior year, I had an English teacher who really didn’t care about his student’s education and spent his time on his phone and on the computer while he tells us to read a book in groups. My teacher didn’t pay attention to what was going on in the classroom wouldn’t read in groups but socialize with each other. Socializing can harm the academic productivity by talking about something that is not school related. Now because of my inattentive teacher, I didn’t do well on my English placement test and am forced to take remedial English in college. Being set back can pro-long your graduation time instead of graduating on time. Having teachers who don’t care is bad enough but there are also teachers who discourage students.
There are many teachers who discourages students on succeeding in school and tell them that they will never amount to become anybody
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