Educational Effectiveness Of The Educational System

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Today’s educational system has dramatically developed from the way children were taught in past generations. One could argue that in today’s society, education is more about labels and politics rather than actual results. Educational tracking of student merits is one such policy that falls victim to this phenomenon. Instead of motivating students who are struggling and rewarding those who are excelling, educational tracking has in my opinion served to label students with standards that may be inappropriate at best for some student and demoralizing at worst to others. But what exactly is educational tracking? Educational tracking assesses the students overall achievements, and labels the aforementioned student with a title based on standardized evaluations. Furthermore, administration and teachers decide if that student is above average, average, or below average, based on the same criteria, when in reality each student is indeed different and should be defined on an individual basis, rather than a universal definition of what a good student is. Students then attend classes with peers that are on the same academic level. Educational tracks are based on intellectual capacity, drive, and motivation. As a result, we have seen that most of the students that make up the above average track are students who classify as white middle class Americans. Oppositely, students on the lower track consist of poor minorities. This meritocratic ideology is an inaccurate representation of these
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