Educational Evaluation Project Sample

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Evaluation Online Tool An online tool that this district utilizes in order to document and evaluate all teachers’ student achievement data is an online system called Milepost. This system is used to manage data for all the state standardized tests, district benchmark assessments, as well as the individualized plans for students needing intervention. Principals have access to the teachers’ data in order to evaluate multiple measures of data and get a clear picture of the progress students are making and how effective their teachers are being. One measure of data is selected as a goal near the beginning of the year and part of the final evaluation process is to access Milepost and decide if the student achievement goal was met. For…show more content…
I was guided by my supervising principal to just document facts and stay away from value statements such as “I like her room décor” or any statement that was my opinion. I worked hard to be objective and only record on my observation form what I heard the teacher directly say and the responses of the students. I recorded interactions between students and events that were observed in the room. When meeting with Mrs. H. I also had to be objective and factual in reporting the evidence that I observed. Leadership Rater Agreement I learned from my supervising principal how this district handles inter-rater reliability to make sure all teachers are being evaluated fairly. The district will set up a meeting for all the principals to attend together at a centralized location in the district. The district will provide copies of previous evaluations of actual teachers with the identifying information and evaluation scores removed. They will work in small groups to review the evaluation and give a score that they think is appropriate. Then they will all meet back together and go over the scores and discuss any differences in the ratings. This way the rating from one principal is lined up with the ratings of the other principals and ratings are consistent. This helps to avoid the negative gossip that can begin to spread between teachers when they feel that there is an unfair advantage at one school over
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