Educational Experience Reflection Paper

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My name Jose Antonio Cintron, I am a United States Army soldier. I have been in the military for sixteen years, and for the last ten of those years, I have been serving as an attack helicopter pilot. In the following paragraphs, I will guide you through my personal educational experience, where it started, how it transformed to this point and how I want it to progress in the future.
At a young age, my mother as a single parent decided to move from Puerto Rico to the United States of America. I don’t remember much about that time, but I do recollect being outside playing with children that were speaking a language that was foreign to my ears. Determined not to allow something as insignificant as language stop my need for amusement, so we just communicated by demonstrating what we wanted the other to do. Within a week I was speaking English and interacting with my new-found friends. Luckily this happened during the summer, so it prepared me for starting school a few weeks later. Learning to speak the language came naturally to me. But reading and writing required more effort, so I gravitated to be a hands-on learner while I attempted to catch up with the other students. Moreover, I commenced enjoying visual learning especially at home where I could watch “Sesame Street” when I wasn’t playing outside. I recall watching a movie called “Iron Eagles,” and for the first time, I knew I desired to become a pilot.
As I was finally feeling comfortable with the English language, my
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