Educational Fears Are Lack Of Ability, Not Belonging, And Failure Essay

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Greatest Fear Essay
Educational fears are lack of ability, not belonging, and failure. Jonathan Kozol explores these fears in “Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Apartheid”. Lack of ability is an example of an educational fear, as Kozol says that about minorities not having prior experience in school, so they don’t have the same ability as other students. Not belonging is another example of an educational fear, Kozol says these minority students feel like they don’t belong, when most of the school’s population has more students of a different race than theirs. Failure is the last educational fear Kozol explores, he says some students are afraid of doing bad in school because they really want to go to college. I am now going to talk about how educational fears haunt me in many different ways.
Educational fears haunt me in every way imaginable and I will tell you why. One example of this is failing at learning something new like swimming, driving a car, learning how to play a sport. Other examples of this are failing at getting a job, being bad at a job, or failing a job interview. My last examples this are failing at passing a class, not going to a university, or not knowing what to do after college. I will now talk about why failing at learning something is a fear of mine.
Failing at learning something new is a fear of mine for many reasons. Failing at learning to swim is a fear of mine because every time I get invited to go to a water park I decline because I do not

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