Educational Field Trip To Phoetle Washington Essay

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In 2015, Seattle had the nation’s fastest one year growth rate, adding around 20,000 people a year. That is 3.1 percent of the whole population, which ranked number one in 2015-2016. More and more people are moving here every year. That also means students need education every year about the history of Seattle. An educational field trip to Seattle Washington would be to visit the University of Washington, Museum of Pop Culture, and the Pacific Science Center. The University of Washington has been teaching students since 1861. With over 50 buildings on campus they have plenty of things to do. The Suzzallo library is the “soul of the campus,” and was opened in 1926. It is open 7:30am to 10:00pm daily. The library was also used in the Harry…show more content…
They have artifacts like Suits and weaponry from movies Star Trek and Men in Black. The dress worn by Judy Garland in Wizard of Oz is on display alongside the Wicked Witch of West’s hat. Also the staff and headdress used by the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia. The science fiction exhibit explores artifacts from the most famous sci-fi movies and brings you on your own journey through alternate universes from the ship’s cockpit. The Museum of Pop Culture is a great place to learn about Seattle and history of popular culture. The Pacific Science Center began as the United States Science Pavilion in 1962 at the World’s Fair. The center has hundreds of interactive exhibits. They range from live animals to seeing how the science behind things work. They also have a live science show everyday. The center now has a brand newly renovated Laser Dome. The dome is the largest and longest operating laser theater in the world. It includes laser imagery performed live by the artists every time. The performance is accompanied by a 15,000 watt sound system playing music. They use nine different projectors to fill the dome. The colors are vibrant and exciting that go along with the beat of the music. Also included within the building is a butterfly house. The house is 4,000 square feet of flying butterflies roaming around. In the house are hundreds of different butterflies and flowers that change every time you visit. The emerging window lets you

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