Educational Foundations Chapter 13 Summary

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While reading chapter 13 from Spring, and chapters 16 and 17 from Educational Foundations, I was able to reflect and come up with many different questions, concerns, and comments about the material that I read. Chapter 13 from Spring talks about American schools and global politics and about the cold war and poverty. Another thing that this chapter talks about is universal military training and the channeling of youth for global warfare. Lastly, this chapter goes on to talk about the Cold War and how schools were being affected from it. In chapter 16 from Educational Foundations it talks about how a special education teacher states he is a bad teacher. He doesn’t feel this way about himself, however he is labeled that from the city’s education department. It concludes by talking abut how until we provide equal educational resources…show more content…
All of these authors had purposes for writing these chapters, and after some thought I have been able to identify them. In the first reading, chapter 13 from Spring, the authors purpose was the inform the reader about global policies that have happened in the country that have affected education. Also, how poverty has affected schools all over the country. Next, in chapter 16 from Educational Foundations the authors purpose is to let the reader know that in certain schools opportunities for special education are not there. Teachers are not given tools to help their students reach their full potential. By providing assistive technology into the classroom, it really could benefit many students. Finally, in chapter 17 from Educational Foundations the author’s purpose was to inform the reader about the No Child Left Behind Act that is affecting teachers. Many teachers are fleeing public education because of this policy. Being able to understand how important these different policies are for education are very important for students going into
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