Educational Funding For School Schools Essay

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Education is no longer associated with brick and mortar, cross town rivalry, school tradition or even that favorite math class. It is simply about business and survival. Education has transitioned from the days of text books and chalkboards to e-learning and energy cuts. The change in the mind-set of administrators and school boards from expanding schools to schools surviving for the next school year is the result of the changes in Indiana educational funding. Micro- analyzing budgets, student counts, capital project funds, referendums, and worry about school vouchers has become the norm for most school administrators. These changes in Indiana educational funding didn’t happen overnight; however, complacency among many school corporations and the lack of innovation and planning have left many scrambling to find a niche to stay afloat in public education and find the funding needed to many of their corporations’ educational needs.
It is true that the changes in the property tax reform in 2008 and the recession were major players on the decline in state and local funding for Indiana school funding. However, as a good organization or business, one cannot rely on a single source of income to provide for one’s livelihood and future success whether that is in business or education. Winston Churchill once said, “A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” Administrators and school boards were called upon to be optimists,
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