Educational Goals For Research Paper

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Educational Goals: Education to me is a huge part of my life that I am truly passionate and devoted to. I want to be able to learn and live life with passion and be able to take advantage of every opportunity that comes up. I am not a person that deals well with change, and I hope to gain the ability of seeing things through different perspectives as I go along this educational journey. I want to be able to see other sides and ideas, and truly become more open and step out of my comfort zone. I want to gain the knowledge and skills on how to problem solve in and outside of the workplace. One of my main goals is to be able to read, write, and speak properly for personal and professional use. I have set a goal of learning and becoming prepared…show more content…
I want to run a company that is devoted to its customers, has high reviews, and satisfied customers. I want to promote my business in any way possible that will give off a positive light on the company. I want my employees to be happy to come to work everyday and have a respectful and safe work environment for everyone. I know to get to these goals I must work my way up, and doing so I will start at the bottom and work my way to the top of the business chain while using my educational goals I have already or still need to complete. Owning my own business of event planning has always been a dream and life long goal of mine. I am only 19 and have not had a lot of experience yet, but that is the point in setting these goals to keep working towards…show more content…
My information can be hacked, stolen, or even sold. I have to be careful what I want to keep private and what I am okay with others seeing. I personally do not use many online sites or accounts that share my personal information, so I am not too scared of my personal identity being stolen or being seen by others, but having online identities can impact one’s goals if they are not careful about what they are sharing or interacting with online. If you are applying for a job and the boss sees what you have been up to on social media or against the company’s policies you could lose a great opportunity, or if you already have a job you have to be careful what you share, because you could also get fired because of your online identity. Hopefully having a soon to be professional identity out there I will try to limit all information to what is only needed and hopefully not have any hackers or thieves steal my professional identity or make me out to something I am not. Having the issue of privacy affects my educational goals, causing me to be more alarmed and aware of the issue, which may limit my opportunities that I see may lack privacy. The issue of privacy also affects my professional goals, such as if I want to advertise and get my name out there in the open and all over the media.
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