Essay on Educational Goals and Philosophies

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Educational Goals and Philosophies For the past seven years, I have had the same dream - to someday be a high school math teacher. I am finally on my way to turning that dream into a reality. Along the way, I am learning a lot of things and forming a number of opinions. One of the main areas in which I am forming new beliefs is in relation to what methods I will use in teaching my class and what aspects of what philosophies I will employ. First of all, however, I must reach the point where I have a class to teach. How am I going to reach my goal of becoming a teacher? I believe I am taking the most important step right now by attending a good college where I am gaining further knowledge in many areas,…show more content…
I believe these subjects are necessary for a well-rounded education, and as a math teacher, I will be teaching one of these “basic” subjects. I do not believe there should be a curriculum that excludes one form or another of math. It is important for our students to know math and these other basic subjects if we want to be able to compete with the rest of the world economically and technologically. Not only must students sit in a class where these subjects are taught, but they also need to master the material before they move on to the next grade. This is the job of the teacher. It is up to the teacher to make sure that his students understand the material and can do it on their own before he moves on to something else. I believe that the grade a student makes reflects the teacher. If a student makes an “F,” the teacher has failed in his teaching of that student. This does not mean that the teacher should make his class easy. I still agree with the essentialist that academic rigor is an essential component of education. However, I do not agree that this necessitates a great amount of homework. The level of work can be tough and stretch the minds of the students, but if the teacher is able to teach his students well in class and they comprehend the material and can practice it during the class period, I do not think a lot of homework
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